Sponsored children graduate successfully

Mwanajuma finishes primary school by successfully completing her national examen and hamisi graduates from nursery (KG2) to primary school (Standard 1) in Nov 2015. As a part of the “Sponsor a child project” the education of selected children are sponsored by the Rafiki Kenia Foundation. 

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Ria and Jan Hulsbosch fixing roofs of the houses in Kenia

Fixing or renewing roofs of houses in Makongeni.

Target / Goal of the project:

The goal of this project is to take care that people can live in dry houses. In common you can see that the people in this village live in simple houses. In a great number houses it is raining inside even as hard as outside in the rainseason. People often have no money to buy the ropes en new roofing material to fix or renew the roof.

In the beginning of 2008 Ria and Jan Hulsbosch have done a benefit on the stable Jasper in Holland, from which money it was possible to fix or renew 9 roofs of the houses. By personal sponsoring and a number of other sponsors this number has increased to 53. The people of this village are very happy and help for 100 % in this project.

An example of a roof of a house in Makongeni Village in Kenia

Cutting poles in the bush   Boy preparing the poles   Old roof is removedCutting poles.                  Preparing the poles.         Old roof removed.

Fixing the new poles on the roof   Bunches of new makuti   New roof is readyFixing new poles.           Bunches of makuti.           New roof is ready.

The facts:

- Fixing or renewing a roof of the house cost average 300 euro. 
- All the work is done by people of the village. 
- Man cut wood for the frame of the roof. 
- Women of all ages are making the roofing material. 
- Qualified people make the roofing and learn it to younger persons. 
- Every ones is earning about 1,50 euro a day, the minimum a family can live from. 
- Only the roof and an iron gun sheet are bought, the rest comes from the forest. 
- The community is now helping to cut down the cost in several ways. 

The result:

- People are happy to have a job and have hope 
- There is no hunger 
- There is a dry place to sleep 

The village counts 340 houses More than half of it is ready to be fixed or renewed. We will try to go on with this project as long as all villagers live in dry houses. Therefore we call on every one to help with this project.

Would you also sponsor a roof by which a whole family is able to sleep dry again ? Please transfer than 300 Euro or your donation to account number2641014 on behalf of Stichting Rafiki Kenia in Rotterdam please mentione"roofing project"

For payment instructions see the information page or use the button (ONLINE DONEREN) on this page.


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Rafiki Kenia Foundation official en NGO in Kenia

Rafiki Kenia Foundation acknowledged as NGO in Kenia.

The Rafiki Kenia Foundation is officially acknowledged and registered as een NGO (Non Governmental Organization) in Kenia under the name of Rafiki Kenia Foundation. This means that all contract which are signed in Kenia are resorting under the Kenian law. This is a big step forward as it means we can close legally contracts in Kenia. The registration number is OP.218/051/2007/0422/4902. Below you can find the certificate.

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